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Spring Cleaning Advice

Spring cleaning does not stop at the kitchen, this week attack your living room or loft!

Oily spot on a fabric sofa

living roomDo you have a stain of fat on your couch? Do not panic, with a paper towel, eliminate excess fat or liquid. Then sprinkle generously the soil spot of Sommières. Leave for 30 minutes to 1 night. Once the powder dries, rub and use the vacuum to eliminate it and enjoy your sofa clean.

Thoroughly clean

You want to clean your fabric seats, sprinkle the entire surface with baking soda and let rest at least 2 hours. Then, with a brush, rub gently, emphasizing the dirtiest spots. Then vacuum. Bicarbonate and dirt will be sucked up.

Clean a computer or TV screen

Do not use aggressive glass products. Simply dilute vinegar (1 measure for 2 parts water). Soak a cotton cloth (lint-free) and wring it out perfectly to prevent dripping. Pass it on the screen by describing small circles. Wipe well.

Renovate leather furniture

To revive chairs, sofas, but also leather bags, follow this recipe: Beat 1 egg yolk and add white vinegar or wine (depending on the color of the leather). Apply with a brush, leave for 30 minutes to 1 night. Then wipe a soft cloth.

Remove stains on wooden furniture

For stains of wine, sugar, syrup … mix 2 volumes of olive oil with 1 volume of vinegar. Soak a soft cloth. Rub the stain, then pass the product over the entire piece of furniture to feed the wood.

For a recent water stain, use a cork to absorb the water stain immediately. But if you wait too much, it will not work.

If you want to remove a stain of grease, soak the soil stain, let it rest for several hours and then remove the soil. Repeat as needed.

If you have mold, mix the baking soda and vinegar. Rub the wood with a sponge or cloth soaked.

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How to select the ideal staircases for your loft

The type of staircases you chose for your loft will largely influence how much you enjoy using your loft. There are two types of staircases for lofts and they are made to measure and bespoke. Staircases are an important installation in your home as they not only facilitate easy access between stories but also they add a touch of beauty to your home. So, what is the difference between these two types of staircases? Here’s a detailed overview.

Made-to measure

Made-to measure staircases are usually built by a manufacturer whereby you present them with the measurements. This type of staircase can allow you to achieve mixed designs at a tight budget. All you have to do is choose a pattern from the manufacturer’s pattern book. And as much as this staircase might sound advantageous, it also has its shortcomings. A slight mistake in delivering the measurements can become a major upset since the staircase won’t serve you diligently or even fail to fit. In addition, most made-to measure staircases are built from soft wood thus they don’t guarantee you of durability.

Bespoke staircases

Bespoke staircases are usually created by the architect or bespoke specialist and then actualized by a specialist company. This means that the home owner can get designs that meet their requirements and that will perfectly fit in their homes. However, bespoke staircases require a considerable amount of resources to achieve but you can rest assured of value for your money.