Welcome to the site that informs you about various aspects of the home improvement business. This site contains everything from info on how to contact our company to useful articles that cover a range of home improvement subjects.


Our services cover almost all home improvement work. This means that we can help you to do everything from electrical work in your house to some basic landscaping of the property around the building. Contact us for more info about our services.

DIY home improvement

DIY home improvement is an excellent way to save some money. However, making use of our evaluation services is something you should do before you start. That will give you the correct calculations on how expensive the work will be.


One of our services is the repair of the work you did without any professional assistance. This also involves finishing projects you started. This service exists to save people who took on more than they could swallow and realized it too late.


Our primary service is the work on home improvement projects you want. You can hire us to do the job you want on and around your house. Refer our page to find out what kind of home improvement work we can do for you.


Our company fulfilled many goals we set throughout the years. However, this doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t have any goals at the moment. One of the goals that the company always has is to grow continually. This means that the company wants to expand and create space for more workplaces and hire people to fill them.

About our team

Our team consists of professionals that possess skills that cover the majority of the jobs that fall under the home improvement work. We employ over two dozen of works. Some of our workers are hardened professionals while others learn from them..

  • Jack is our lead carpenter. He has more than twenty years of experience, and thus he takes on all complex work that requires an individual that knows how to work with wood. He also trains young workers who are interested in carpentry.

  • Our chief electrician is called Robert, but we call him Bob. He can do any electrical work you need, and therefore we always send him to clients that require help that involves electricity. He likes to work alone, and thus he doesn’t have any assistants. 

  • We don’t take any home improvement jobs without proper inspection of the premise. This job is reserved to Terry and one of his assistants. Their evaluation skills are at a high level which makes it possible for them to evaluate the costs of the project before any work starts.


  • Jerry

    “Cannon is the best home improvement company I had the pleasure to work with. They do the majority of work around my house. I always hire this company because they are affordable and do an excellent job at every project I give them”

  • Gerard

    “I have the utmost respect for this company as an individual that worked with many home improvement businesses. They always offer me a discount as I am a regular client, and that is why I will continue to work with them”

  • Eric

    “Doing any major home improvement project takes a lot of time and money. I love to change my house now and then, and thus I always hire Cannon for that. I don’t have time for that, but they do. They also have knowledge and experience to do the work properly”

  • Will

    “I work in real estate business which means that I buy and sell the property. I have been working with Cannon for several years as they are great for home improvement work. Their expertise makes it possible to turn an ordinary house into something extraordinary”


This blog won’t focus on the company as much as it will focus on the whole home improvement business. Posts you find on it will talk about various DIY projects, what to do alone and what not to try without professionals.