Drama Movie Review – Age of Adaline


If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you better bring out the tissue, some popcorn and most importantly, watch it with the whole family because it’s going to be the best movie you’ll ever see, I promise you that.

This movie is some kind of a magical, romance-filled and a time-skipping, tear milking romance that you would never have seen before. It seems to have been adapted from some indifferent piece with a mix of fiction, romance and drama that is best for family and friends night-out.


“The Age of Adaline” was in fact written for the screen by the great J. Mills Goodloe and Salvador Paskowitz who aims to introduce their narrative hook early in the game while they are still retaining a sly sense of mystery with the whole concept for the movie.


In the movie, Adaline Bowman (played by Blake Lively) is making her way across present-day San Francisco while carefully procuring a fake driver’s license that would identify her as a 29 year old woman named Jennifer Larson. She looks really sweet but guarded as well. Aside from that, she looks sharper and more observant than she appears initially.


Born in 1908, Adaline was an ordinary if remarkably beautiful woman of her era who married a handsome young engineer and gave birth to a daughter, Flemming. But not long after her husband’s untimely death, a grief-stricken Adaline crashed her car into a freezing cold river on an uncharacteristically snowy California night — only to be rescued by a stray bolt of lightning that not only jumpstarted her heart, but also permanently stopped her aging process, rendering her “immune to the ravages of time.”


Aware that she and her lover will never grow old together, Adaline largely steers clear of romantic relationships as she moves on with her own, immortal life. No sooner does she choose to pursue her feelings, however, than the film drops the sort of brazen, startling twist that immediately causes her to doubt her decision, even as it prompts the viewer to question the peculiarly sadistic machinations of fate that have brought Adaline to this particular point.


Yet despite or perhaps because of this blatant contrivance, which might have stopped a less committed movie dead in its tracks, “The Age of Adaline” somehow becomes an even more weirdly captivating experience, capturing a sort of slow-dawning collective epiphany as all involved struggle to make sense of a truly impossible situation.


Ultimately, “The Age of Adaline” offers a soothing reminder that one of life’s chief frustrations that everyone could relate to it. The film also serves as a corrective to prevailing standards of beauty, particularly in an industry where actresses are encouraged to smooth away every line and wrinkle.


Overall, for the most part of the movie, it unfolds the perfect situation of both the past and present scenes. The dark cast and a vivid cinematic texture of the whole movie makes it really intriguing and dramatic to the eyes of their viewers. It really makes a great excitement venture for both families and people who are in a relationship. Tell us your thoughts also about the movie in the comment below.

Action Movie Review – Hitman Agent 47


Perhaps you have watched this action-filled movie already, right? Today, I will discuss with you my review on this epic movie that everyone are talking about, in schools and even in offices while on break.

For me, watching the movie on cinemas is a big deal to me because the thrill, the excitement, the cosiness of the cinema and everything else cannot be defined when you are just watching the movie in your home. That is why I always make sure I could watch the new released movie on cinemas first before in a movie disc.


Watching a movie with virtually all action in like all the scenes and perhaps all the time is a bit like eating a meal full of meat, meat and more meat without any toppings or rice as well.


If you have already watched the movie “Hitman: Agent 47”, you might have noticed that the action, heavy movie was inspired by a video game series, right?


Aside from that, it is also spawned a 2007 release starring Timothy Olyphant (you might have heard of him from the movies Live Free or Die Hard and I Am Number Four) and he is included in the title role.


They also have the names of Douglas Scott (he also stars in Twin Town and a prince in Ever After) as an Interpol agent on his trail.


The actor Rupert Friend (also known for his roles in Pride & Prejudice and Homeland) plays 47, an assassin with a barcode stamped on the back of his head since birth and a number ending in two digit which is 47 as his designation.


He was numbered 47 because there were previous 46 attempts to engineer a human being that can be stronger, faster, more intelligent and fearless than the rest of the people.


As the movie goes on, 47 (Rupert Friend) is tracking down a young woman named Katia played by Hannah Ware (known for her characters in Boss and Betrayal) as part of his mission.


Katia (Hannah Ware) is also searching for an initially nameless man who may provide her the key to her past and to any possible resumption of the program about building an army of killing machines just like Agent 47.


As 47 and Katia are on their trail in fulfilling each of their mission, John Smith played by Zachary Quinto (known for his characters in Heroes and Star Trek Into Darkness) introduce himself to Katia as her saviour but later on give few surprises as they began meeting with Agent 47.


The best part of this movie is that I am glad the director, Director Aleksander Bach, a Polish/German film director, leap the movie from commercial to feature films. Also, he knows how to stage a stylish stunt or chase and my favourite part is that the way they dressed their assassins. It really suits the whole concept of the movie.



Even if it does feature a woman with some superhuman skills and a visit to the spectacular Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, it’s still an action movie inspired by a video game.


Overall, the premise of this movie is very intriguing and it is executed as to what the audience would really expect in an action-filled movie. Comment below your experience if you have already watched this movie too.

Comedy Movie Review – Vacation (2015)  


Hello everybody, today we will discuss about my experience of watching comedy movie during the weekend of nothing to do and just want to relax my mind from all the action and sci-fi movies that I have seen for the entire month. I shifted my though now from watching action to comedy movies.

I will do my best to give my utmost review for this comedy movie that everyone was fussing about the entire month.

Last week, as I was trying to have a good rest and just plainly watch a good movie, I came upon the trailer of the movie “Vacation” that stars Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth and many more. At first, my thought about the movie was “OK” and then I started watching it for the sake of my curiousness.

In the movie, Ed Helms (plays the role of the husband Rusty Griswold) is a grown-up man and is the teen son of the character that initially played by Anthony Michael Hall in the hit 1983 movie “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and he is the mastermind for the whole trip of the family.

Rusty is a pilot for an airline called “Econo-Air,” and in the opening scene, he’s given his hapless nice-guy props by an aged colleague who’s clearly suffering from dementia, and who nearly crashes the plane when Rusty leaves the cockpit for a bathroom break. This part leads the whole crowds laughing so hard as the scene goes on.

Rusty gets home to find discontent in the domestic hearth. In the house, his younger son Kevin (played by Steele Stebbins) has been torturing his older brother James (played by Skylar Grisondo) as part of his usual routine as a young brother. Their mom Debbie (played by Christina Applegate) is not your ordinary mother. This time, it is going to be magic as the family is about to plan a vacation to settle their own problems and get back on track.

I got to see Ed Helms before in his movies “Horrible Bosses 1 and 2” and weren’t expecting to get more out of the character than the usual spiel. The good thing about the movie is that they have invested their time and efforts for new characters like Stebbins and it is actually often quite funny on his scene parts.

In addition, I get to see the movie “Hangover” in which Ed Helms is there too and it became very popular as well because they paid well with the public demands. Also, Christina Applegate whose work on “Married With Children” gave her valuable experience in playing characters whose dignity, such as it might be, is regularly affronted, shows similar game good spirits in her activities here.

I was a bit surprised that they have included Chris Hemsworth in the movie. We all know him as very manly in most of his movies like “Thor” and “The Avengers”, right? He plays the brother in law of Ed Helms and has an exaggerated Southern accent and strides around with an oversize prosthetic penis, which, again, you probably know or saw in the trailer before.

With this, my overall review about the movie is that it is fantastically wicked in the joke parts, the actors did really well in their roles and it is one heck of a movie that might interest your senses just like in the trailer. Comment below if you already saw the movie and tell us your reactions and what are your thoughts about it too.

An Introduction for Paul Cannon and his Passion For Movie Directing


What makes a director? What makes a film a film and not TV? How do you tell a story visually?

There are a lot of questions that pops out in my mind the moment I heard the word “director”. But what does a real director really do? We will now discuss with you the importance of being a director, how they handle the pressure in making films and how they truly inspire their viewers with their passion in making movies.


As a start, when it comes to loving movies whole-heartedly and passionately, Paul Cannon is one of the best directors that you may encounter in one of your favourite movies lined up cinemas worldwide. You can include him in the list of people who really do appreciate movies by heart and in every review he make.


Ever since he was a little boy in their own hometown, he dreams and always admires the presence of artists and their creativity when it comes to acting and giving the audience a thrill in the big screen. It is his first dream and it never ceases to amaze him in every aspect of directing and making films.


Aside from that, he always has this passion and commitment to direct movies of his own when the time comes. He promised to his self that he will direct movies, makes films that everyone would remember and loved the most. But most importantly, it is his dream to be part of the glamorous community of the actors and actresses that is ready to act in his made movies.


What got him into movies are his full dedication and commitment to every work he has done to get him through anything in the industry.


Paul Cannon is beloved by fans for his honest approach to recording and performing and even directing movies that makes every single dream of young generations of these days possible to reach. It is what made him the biggest influence of the century.


We could really say that a “real” movie is one that’s mostly comprehensible with the sound turned off. That’s what Paul Cannon is aiming for when it comes to directing with his own magic in making movies.


Aside from directing movies and making films that the public would love the most, Paul Cannon makes sure he is not left behind with the trends in the film industry. He watches inspiring film samples, joins practical storyboarding exercises and he even added workshop on his daily routine that will give him more knowledge and the tools he need for directing and making films.


Though introductory in nature, the workshop would also benefit those with some prior filmmaking experience. Part of the workshop will be dedicated to analysing participants’ own work.


You can contact Paul Cannon in his website and you can see his visuals, movies that he made, upcoming films and also with the latest trends and news in the film industry. For more information, visit his website and comment your thought about him and his films.