Choosing Blinds for Your Loft

The blinds are part of the interior accessories of the home that, in addition to sifting natural light, are essential in the thermal insulation of your loft. Therefore, when choosing a model or material, in addition to considering aesthetics, it is also advisable to think about efficiency and durability.

Currently in the market we can find a large assortment of models, qualities and materials in blinds. The opening and closing systems are varied, from very economical to the most sophisticated automated systems, which adapt to all windows and styles of decoration. The most highly recommended type is called the “perfect fit system”. Perfect fit blinds in the UKare the top choice for many households because of their easy installation.

Measure the Blinds

Before buying a blind, the first step is to obtain the exact measurement, when the window occupies the whole area, the numbers must be exact -from wall to wall-, while if it is placed at the center of the room it is recommended to add 10 centimeters on the side (left, right and bottom) so there’s some left over.

In case you visit a store where they manufacture blinds on request, the procedure is simpler because you leave everything in the hands of people who know the business. Usually the budget is free, they go to your house to take the measurements, they carry with them the catalog of fabrics and materials, as well as suggesting what best suits the space and decorative style.

Types to Choose From

The simplest and most economical blinds are those made of PVC, their maintenance has no major problem and they are very durable. With no problem they resist the inclemency of the time and for their hermetic closing they grant a good thermal and acoustic isolation.

The wooden blinds are excellent in terms of security, insulation and decorative style of the house. Their disadvantage is that they require continuous maintenance since they need to be painted frequently so that the wood does not deteriorate. In addition, there is the risk of the presence of termites and if they break or deteriorate their replacement is complicated.

Regarding the aluminum blinds, they meet all the requirements of insulation, security, and maintenance. Its disadvantage is in the price, since they tend to be somewhat expensive, which is why they have little demand, but it is compensated by its extensive durability. They resist the most adverse weather conditions well.

Roller shutters have the main advantage, in addition to totally preventing the passage of light, that isolate the windows from the outside, both from inclement weather, and adding an extra air chamber that dampens noise pollution.

Venetian blinds allow a better regulation of the amount of light, an effect that also affects the temperature, without completely eliminating the passage of it. They are manufactured in wood, PVC, and aluminum. To keep them clean, a damp cloth is enough.

In addition to the mentioned models, you can also consider other products that fulfill the same functions as classic blinds. Some of them are the blinds (perfect for summer), the panels (very useful against the sun), as well as the combination of blinds in a dark tone to cover the crystals and long curtains in a clear shade behind.

In summary, to choose some blinds with good taste, just have to take into account the decoration, the size of the windows and the tasks you will perform in the room where they will be placed.