Professional cleaning after home improvement projects

Every home improvement project, regardless of its scope, is an excitement for the family, several days of hard work and disturbed everyday routine with hopefully satisfying results in the end. However, one task that always waits at the end of every renovation project is – a lot of mess to be cleaned. The bigger the change and the scope of the renovation project, the more meticulous you’ll have to clean to get your home shining as it was before you headed for a big change.

The best solution, in this case, is to hire a professional cleaning company to get it done on behalf of you. Most of these companies provide high – quality and a wide range of services, plus they are equipped with the powerful, modern cleaning artillery and cleaning chemicals, hence they will clean your house better than you ever could. We honestly recommend Need To Clean company (you’ll find all about them at and here’s a list of some basic services this type of companies provide.

Deep house cleaning

Often called “pre – holiday” or “after construction” house cleaning, since it includes a team of specially trained technicians who will thoroughly clean your home in every aspect. This sort of cleaning is more complex than regular general cleaning. It will include the tasks general cleaning does, such as dishwashing, laundry, ironing, dusting, cleaning of floors and vacuuming. However, it also includes meticulous bathroom and kitchen cleaning, window and glass washing and deep furniture washing.

Wet vacuuming and furniture cleaning

These two are not routine cleaning tasks, thus you should hire a cleaning service to conduct them only in the situations when your home really needs a thorough cleaning. Powerful vacuuming systems applying hot water, soap, cold water and hot air will provide washing of the deep layers of your carpets and furniture, elimination of the smallest dust and dirt particles, as well as the extinction of bacteria and fungi. If done properly by the pros, it usually takes a day or two for these house items to dry.

Bathroom and kitchen cleaning

No detailed house cleaning can go without thorough cleaning of these two essential premises. Aside from routine cleaning of cabinets and counter area and getting rid of those greasy, sticky layers on the top of them, kitchen cleaning includes cleaning of appliances, floor mopping and cleaning of the sink. Bathroom cleaning includes cleaning of sinks, showers, and bathtub, toilets and vanity, with all of these items being disinfected as well. The floor is mopped and the mirrors polished.

Switching from deep to regular cleaning

If you try to clean your home completely after you have completed some extensive home improvement project, it will probably take you several days. If you are exhausted with all the work during improvement and reconstructions, make a smart choice and handle the finish phase to a professional cleaning company. These guys will get it all shining in a day, but you should consider hiring them for the future regular cleaning as well. This would mean releasing yourself from routine vacuuming, dusting, ironing, dishwashing and mopping of floors.